About V.I.P

Based on highest quality and unique innovation “Vitamin Infinity Plus” as a new brand is going to make a new world of health and happiness by its products.

We are eager to produce natural fruit juices based on new fruit combinations in the new package and bottle design for our customers, in order to increase our customers satisfaction and the society, because our greatest assets are customer satisfaction, product quality and innovation.


The company produces over a 100 different types of products, including pure and mixed juices in various packages and sizes. Products are made from the best quality of fruits from different regions in the world and entered into the international market.

The name of this brand is the important part of the company’s identity. This brand is both the name of the company and its slogan which is describing the need for the use of natural vitamins infinity to increase health and happiness through consumption of “Vitamin Infinity Plus” products.

Our prospect is to become the best and most famous brand in the world. By continuous innovation, high quality and diverse natural products, This prospect is easily achievable with customer satisfaction.